General information about company

Scrip code530461
NSE Symbol
MSEI Symbol
Name of the companySaboo Sodium Chloro Limited
Type of meetingEGM
Date of the meeting / Date of declaration of results (in case of Postal Ballot)14-03-2019
Start time of the meeting11:30 AM
End time of the meeting01:30 PM

Scrutinizer Details

Name of the ScrutinizerVinod Naredi
Firms NameNaredi Vinod & Asscoaites
Membership Number20453
Date of Board Meeting in which appointed14-02-2019
Date of Issuance of Report to the company15-03-2019

Voting results

Record date13-02-2019
Total number of shareholders on record date5038
No. of shareholders present in the meeting either in person or through proxy
a) Promoters and Promoter group2
b) Public10
No. of shareholders attended the meeting through video conferencing
a) Promoters and Promoter group0
b) Public0
No. of resolution passed in the meeting1
Disclosure of notes on voting results


Resolution required: (Ordinary / Special)Special
Whether promoter/promoter group are interested in the agenda/resolution?No
Description of resolution consideredAppointment of M/s P.K.S. & Company, Chartered Accountants as a Statutory auditor to fill the casual vanacy caused by resignation of M/s Choudhary Gupta & Associates
CategoryMode of votingNo. of shares held No. of votes polled % of Votes polled on outstanding shares No. of votes in favourNo. of votes against% of votes in favour on votes polled % of Votes against on votes polled
(1)(2)(3)=[(2)/(1)]*100 (4)(5)(6)=[(4)/(2)]*100(7)=[(5)/(2)]*100
Promoter and Promoter GroupE-Voting13502839135028391001350283901000
Postal Ballot (if applicable)000000
Public- InstitutionsE-Voting34500000000
Postal Ballot (if applicable)000000
Public- Non InstitutionsE-Voting1064516113420.0126134201000
Postal Ballot (if applicable)000000
Whether resolution is Pass or Not.Yes
Disclosure of notes on resolution

Details of Invalid Votes

CategoryNo. of Votes
Promoter and Promoter Group
Public Insitutions
Public - Non Insitutions