Table Salt

Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd. is the first and the largest Salt Refinery in North India. The Company has three premier brands of table salt namely:


SURYA SALT is the premium brand of the company. It reflects the rich ethnic culture and tradition of Rajasthan known for centuries as the land of RAJPUT warriors, their valor and bravery.

SABOO SALT is positioned as salt of the earth using vibrant colours. It carries the name of the group promoters and that itself is a guarantee of its quality.

TOTA SALT is intended for the discerning masses and promises to bring out the real flavor of the food. Just as the parrot, its brand icon, is a true connoisseur of food, so are the users of TOTA SALT.

All the brands are NATURALLY Free Flowing and do not contain any harmful anticaking agents which are present in all other brands of free flowing salt. This has been possible because of the use of imported state-of-the-art plant & technology and applyingthe most modern techniques to make it NATURALLY Free Flowing without the addition of any harmful anticaking additives.

SURYA SALT , SABOO SALT &  TOTA SALT brands of salt is DIFFERENT from other brands of salt.


They are drawn from pollution free subsoil brine water of Sambhar Lake, an inland salt lake in Rajasthan, India. Sambhar Lake has been famous for centuries as the source of finest quality and healthy salt.

The salt is then processed, iodized, treated and packed at most hygienic state-of-the-art sophisticated plant and contains no organic chemicals.

Thus the salt that reaches the customer is truly exceptional with high purity and quality.

Test Report

S.No Characteristic Test results
1 Moisture, % by mass 0.092 %
2 Water Insoluble, % by mass 0.098 %
3 Acid Insoluble, % by mass
4 Chloride Content (as NaCl), % by mass 99.10 %
5 Calcium (as Ca), % by mass 0.32 %
6 Magnesium (as Mg), % by mass 0.044 %
7 Sulphate (as SO4), % by mass 0.281 %
8 Alkalinity (as Na2 Co3), % by mass 0.140 %
9 Iron (as Fe), ppm Nil
10 Iodine Content (as I), PPM 30 PPM
11 Practical Size (a) 24 Mesh
(b) 100 Mesh
+ 2 %
+ 96 %